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Wild Dogs in Africa


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The Wild Dog Advisory Group (WAG) was established in 1998 and is an interdisciplinary group that includes reserve managers, researchers, government officials, NGOs, and veterinarians. WAG develops Wild Dog conservation solutions and mitigates key threats to the species. By adopting proactive management approaches, we have increased safe space, population numbers, and genetic diversity, reversing the declining trend.

The Science Behind the Scenes

Science forms an integral part of Wild Dog conservation. By learning about the species’ behaviour, ecology, and responses to our conservation interventions, we are better equipped to guide best management practices.

Managing Wild Dogs

The Wild Dog Advisory Group has opened the door for collaborative Wild Dog management across South Africa, which is essential for a managed metapopulation concept, and for sharing ideas and lessons learnt. We have developed and implemented various monitoring and management tools to enhance our Wild Dog conservation efforts. These are accompanied by best management practices and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that have been developed over the past 20 years to ensure that a high ethical standard is maintained.

Wild Dogs & the Law

Within the policy framework, we focus on litigation, policy and legislation, capacity building and awareness raising. We also offer an advisory role to any anyone seeking legal information about Wild Dog conservation.

Veterinary Care

Wild Dog capture, immobilisation and transport form a fundamental part of the modern work carried out in Wild Dog conservation. But this work is sensitive and there is always risk associated with any form of intervention. WAG encompasses the many years of experience that wildlife veterinarians have gained to mitigate the known risks and ensures that the welfare of the Wild Dog is always prioritized.


Awareness & Education

Wild Dogs have historically been misconceived as ‘vermin’ or ‘savages’ and do not form part of the ‘Big 5’. They are true underdogs. By learning about them, showcasing their worth and describing their complex social values, we generate positive attention on the species, with the ultimate goal of decreasing Wild Dog-human conflict and increasing their tourism demand.



Anyone interested in obtaining more information about wild dogs or becoming part of the Wild Dog Range Expansion Project , contact the WAG chairperson or coordinator.

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